Today KCCL, as the name depicts, is a non profit community school that is managed by a Board of Directors drawn from the parent fraternity, and with funds drawn from tuition and donations from the parent fraternity. The School is currently located along Thika Road, behind the Thika Road Mall, Roysambu area.

KCCL provides programs that are well designed to handle conditions such as include dyslexia, dsyphragia, Autism spectrum, and Communication disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders/Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Delayed Developmental Milestones among others. We are sensitive to the nature of challenge that affects each student and we continually make accommodation for each child. The parents at KCCL know too well that the quality of education our children continue to receive from this school cannot be found elsewhere. At KCCL, the children go through psychological assessment that prescribes ideal therapy for each child. The types of therapy range from occupational therapy, physiotherapy, to speech, art and music therapies. A special curriculum is developed to ensure maximum learning.

Borderline students as we prefer to refer to our students, experience difficulties in tasks because they have hidden intellectual challenges. They learn differently from their counterparts in regular schools. Their unique challenges are usually difficult to identify in a regular setting. When a specialized teacher with specialized resources works with each student individually, the results have been amazing and extremely gratifying in both academics and in vocational fields that eventually enhance independent, happy and productive lives.

We are also cognizant that out of the 750,00 children with learning difficulties only a mere 2% (15,000) are enrolled or integrated in regular schools and of this number only a handful find themselves in schools that provide special education such as KCCL.